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Mobile Phone Tripod Stand Camera Clip Smartphone Monopod Tripod Octopus Mini Phone Tripod

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand Camera Clip Smartphone Monopod Tripod Octopus Mini Phone Tripod

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Tripods phone tripod Mobile Camera Holder Clip Smartphone monopod tripod stand octopus mini tripod stativ for phone

Please note that the remote shutter does not include the battery due to shipping restriction.


This unique adapter/holder adds a screw hole to the mobile phone.
Allows you to attach your phone to a monopod or tripod for a better quality image.
It is compatible with mobile phones with width of 2.0"(5.5cm)~3.5"(8.50cm)
All Cameras/Universal (1/4 Inch-20 Screw) Camera Link Accessory

1. Complete flexibility, made of hard plastic
2. Gray rubber rings, feet and link cushion
3. Link accessory screws onto most sizes of digital cameras and is removable
4. Removable link attachment with lock release button
5. Allows you to level a camera on the most irregular surfaces
6. Weight: 60g
7. Size: 150x35x35mm
8. The item can support a maximum of 275G
9. Color: black/red

Remote instructions:

(The remote shutter did not include the battery)
1. Insert CR2032 battery, press the power button, LED flashing;
2. After power on, press the Bluetooth pairing key, the LED will flash slowly. The bluetooth steps to a state that can be searched and combined;
3. Use mobile phones to match. The LED will turn off after pairing success;
4. Press and hold the corresponding setting key. The LED will light after setting. The product can be used normally at this time.
5. Without use for five minutes, the product will automatically enter idle state. Press the power button to turn off the timer when not in use, to ensure that the battery can be used for a long time.
6. Can be charged with PC devices or mobile power adapter. LED on --- charging. LED output --- overdrive.

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